Xigong Chusheng high pressure cleaning truck received praise from customers across the country

After the launch of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle produced by XCMG ChuSheng, it was loved and praised by new and old customers. The types of high-pressure cleaning vehicles include Dongfeng Xiaobawang high pressure cleaning truck, Dongfeng Xiaojinba high pressure cleaning truck, Dongfeng 145 high pressure cleaning truck, and Dongfeng. 153 high-pressure cleaning vehicles, Dongfeng pointed high-pressure cleaning vehicles, liberation of high-pressure cleaning vehicles and other series.

The high-pressure cleaning vehicle is based on the EQ1060TJ20D3 type II chassis that has been finalized in the country and has been meticulously researched and modified by the Xigong Gongchu Sheng Technology Department. This model is a large-tonnage vehicle and has characteristics such as large horsepower, high carrying capacity, reduced transportation costs, and strong suitability. Because high-pressure water pumps have strict requirements on the rotational speed of automobiles, and the rotational speed of diesel engines is relatively stable, it is more convenient to use this model in the subsequent operation. The following describes the main technical structure, performance and characteristics of high-pressure cleaning vehicles:
1. The
high-pressure cleaning vehicle selects the full power output of the power-sweeping power-pump, which avoids the noise, high cab temperature, easy damage of conventional gears, and large power loss of other similar products. This way of taking power is our company's initiative.
2. The
tank material of high-pressure cleaning vehicle is selected from 4mm hot plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, and the head is made of 5mm steel plate. The oil pump, oil motor, and multi-way valve of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle were selected from the products of Sichuan Luzhou and Yuci. The three-way high-pressure distribution valve core (key components) is made of stainless steel, and its sealing effect is more than three times the pressure of the ordinary cast steel ball valve. Pressure hose adopts Guangzhou Tianhe products (double layer), its pressure strength exceeds the input pressure more than doubled, enhancing the safety of the operation process. The double-side operation door adopts advanced rolling shutters produced by the factory of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, which not only facilitates the operation and maintenance, but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the high pressure cleaning vehicle. High-pressure cleaning truck operation box cover adopts spring cylinder control.
3. The
high-pressure cleaning truck is equipped with 4 high-pressure nozzles. In order to facilitate the operation of the construction workers, each nozzle is stamped with the number and pressure.
4. The
process of pickling phosphating, spraying rust-proof primer, scraping putty, water mill,
top coat , spray word, etc. was performed on the can body and metal accessories of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle . Spraying polymer anti-corrosion primer and metal topcoat, with strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform film, good toughness of paint, smooth surface, stable color, long lasting light, improve appearance, able to withstand moisture, dust, salt spray In adverse environments, there will be no problems such as cracking, peeling, or fading in 8 years. This not only improves the appearance of the product, but also effectively prevents corrosion.
5. The
high-pressure cleaning vehicle strictly
follows the ISO9001 international quality system certification and "3C" certification requirements, and organizes the procurement of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and various accessory parts and carries out strict inspection and acceptance. All products that fail to meet the quality requirements of the products are not allowed to be used.

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