What are the classifications and advantages of bus LED display?

Many people may not know some advantages of the led display of the bus. Although there are more and more private cars, the bus is still popular, because the bus is convenient, fast and the ticket is cheap. Moreover, bus body advertisements are particularly favored by media and advertisers because of their liquidity, wide coverage and high arrival rate. What are the classifications and advantages of bus LED display?
Bus LED display classification by lamp bead spacing
1, P4: LED lamp bead spacing is 4mm, display effect is fine 2, P5: lateral spacing is 5mm, longitudinal spacing is 5mm 3, P6: lamp bead spacing is 6mm, this bus uses more
Classified by color
1. Monochrome: There are red, yellow, blue, green and white light colors, which are mainly used to display street sign information on both sides of the bus; generally, single red LED display is used.
2, two-color: one screen has two colors to display, mainly used for the function screen of the bus;
3. Full color: also known as color LED display, mainly used for full-color advertising information, the area is larger than the LED display of single-color bus, the production cost is high, but the effect of playing advertising is better.
Advantages of bus LED display:
Large-scale network: Bus LED display screens send information through GPRS/3G wireless network. The number of terminal networks is not limited, and it can reach tens of thousands. Real-time release of information: Due to the wireless release, the bus LED display can receive the information sent by the information center at any time, and the information is not limited by time and space.
Not limited by distance
As long as the vehicle is in a place with GPRS/3G network coverage, it can be used for rapid publicity purposes. Easy installation and maintenance: The bus LED display is modular in design for easy maintenance and overhaul. The integrated wireless control system is convenient and fast.
The above is the bus LED display advantages and classification solutions, more about the bus product prices, and implementation plans, etc., you can communicate with the extension of the photoelectric, sincerely for your answer.

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