Weichai Power Intensifies Corporate Culture Construction Passing on Passion Culture

On May 8th, 2014, Weichai Power Corporate Culture Research Society held its 2014 Annual Meeting. The 4th Council member and member representatives gathered in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province to discuss new ideas and new methods for the Group's cultural construction. Why did Chairman Wang Yong A special report was given on promoting the culture of inheritance, the connotation of passion culture and how to create a passion culture.

Vice Chairman Lu Wenwu made annual work report to the conference on behalf of the 4th Council, summed up the 2013 corporate culture construction work, and invited the "Three Ones" micro-story collection, "passing on and passionate responsibility" passionate cultural theme essay speech contest In 2014-2015, ten key corporate culture projects were arranged and deployed.

Vice President Ding Yingdong spoke on the background, significance and core points of the speech made by Chairman Tan Xuguang's speech entitled "Innovation All-Performance Management to Win the Best of the Nine Sessions".

The annual meeting commended the winners of the award-winning papers and the winners of the micro-film contest. Representatives of the award-winning papers of Fast and Spark Inc. shared and displayed them from the perspectives of topics, contents, practical values, and reference significance.

Passion is the soul of work and it is the driving force that constantly spurs and inspires people to advance. Combining the tough deployment of the Group's “passing on passion culture and strengthening management team building”, Chairman Wang Yong elaborated on how to effectively transmit the culture of passion.

He emphasized that the transmission of a passionate culture is a need for an era of strength, unity, and forging ahead. It is a real need to boost morale and stimulate vitality. It is a need for competition to win and create profitable development. It has the enthusiasm of all employees to inspire entrepreneurship and agglomerates reform and innovation. The significance of positive energy.

Regarding the passion culture connotation, Wang Yong mentioned that passion includes three elements: goal, responsibility, and innovation. The goal is the source, the responsibility is resistance, and innovation is acceleration. He explained these three elements in detail and discussed the approaches and methods of passion culture: First, from the perspective of employees, he analyzed and grasped the employees' mentality and thinking model, guided employees to associate personal goals with their business development goals; Targets are layered and pressure is transmitted layer by layer, which translates the professional competence of employees into work performance and enhances the sense of responsibility. Third, through cultural construction, a driving force of innovation with responsibility and responsibility is formed to promote innovation of all employees.

News original title: Weichai Power Corporate Culture Research Association 2014 Annual Meeting

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