Use IoT technology to transform traditional cold chain delivery

"The ultimate goal of the enterprise is to realize the dataization and intelligence of supply, manufacturing and sales information in production and finally to achieve a fast, effective and personalized product supply." Chen Tianxin said that with the arrival of the cold chain supply 4.0 era, capital-intensive Technology and intelligent, will bring the disruptive changes brought by the traditional cold chain supply. This is Jinxiu Jinhe Smart Logistics Park, through the Internet of Things on the distribution of agricultural products, work in this area is particularly prominent.

"At present, Jinxiu Jinhe Smart Logistics Park is exchanging information and processing technology, tracking and tracking technology of distribution process and smart security." Chen Tianxin said the traditional cold chain delivery management is costly, inefficient and error-prone. Through the Internet of Things technology, as long as the products in the sorting and packaging of fresh produce bar code products, and then through electronic data exchange technology, summarized into the database, to achieve product delivery information and downstream supply chain system integration.

"What products are about to expire, what food problems, after the entire supply chain can be traced back in the terminal, including product information, transport environment, circulation and other information." Chen Tian Xin introduced, so that not only the realization of the logistics, capital flow, information Real-time interaction and sharing flow, and information can be processed in real time, greatly improving the delivery of fresh produce management level and efficiency, to facilitate the user. At the same time, the entire fresh produce logistics process can also be optimized to prevent fake and shoddy agricultural products from entering the agricultural product market during the delivery phase and fundamentally ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Nylon Wire Mesh

The nylon mesh has white and black color, are widely used in all kinds of filtration and separation, such as:
1. air filter mesh in air conditioner filter
2. liquid filter mesh for milk, juice, cheese, soya bean ect.
3. flour, solid mesh for milling

4. We can deep produce it into filter bags, Filter Disc and filter strainers.

5. The microphone net

Smooth filament, immersion resistance, no material drop off.
Stable chemical and physical properties.

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