Traditional lighting enters the dilemma faced by e-commerce

The rapid development of e-commerce has made many traditional lighting companies see hope, they are excited and excited. Indeed, many traditional enterprises have accumulated and precipitated their brands for many years, have a deep understanding of products, and have inherent advantages in cost control. It seems that they are much easier to enter e-commerce. But in fact, they have encountered many difficulties and setbacks in the process of developing e-commerce.


Summary of points:
First, it is because business owners do not have enough understanding of e-commerce.
Their past ideas for developing products and selling products have not been played on the Internet. What is the reason? Traditional companies lack Internet thinking. Internet thinking is a very popular word recently. My understanding of it is very simple, that is, interactive and emotional marketing, story marketing. The products you sell on the Internet are no longer blunt products, but a lively story. It is a sincere emotion. You have to truly build emotional resonance with consumers.
Second, enterprises generally have the mentality of quick success.
The boss made a decision, started the e-commerce, began to form a team with great fanfare, prepared stocks, and hoped to earn a full pot in a short period of time. In fact, this is a typical quick success mentality. The entry of traditional companies into the online market, a completely unfamiliar environment, coupled with the fierce market competition, requires a long learning cycle. If the boss is excessively pursuing sales and market share, it is likely to kill chickens and take eggs, killing a good e-commerce brand. The correct approach should be gradual and focused on the future. Through the channel of e-commerce, brands can be quickly recognized and accepted by consumers, which can bring huge product added value. This kind of publicity effect is huge.
Third, there is a lack of holistic thinking.
When it comes to e-commerce, many companies understand Tmall or Jingdong, or WeChat, in fact, this is extremely one-sided thinking. E-commerce is a systematic process and is a network-wide marketing. What is the whole network marketing? It is directly connected to computers, mobile phones and offline, combining traditional Internet and mobile Internet, terminal physical stores, and can achieve data sharing in different platforms. It integrates a series of e-commerce content such as product planning, product development, website construction, online store operation, brand promotion, and product distribution. This composite marketing model will give traditional enterprises more imagination and accelerate the e-commerce process of traditional enterprises.

Description of GAC Water Filter 

UDF particle activated-carbon filter element uses the high quality coconut shell activated-carbon or coal activated-carbon as raw material, and the outer shell is made of ABS plastic at food grade, bonding with ultrasonic welding technology. Internally, a specially designed sponge makes the filter material compacted, and the PP filter at the end can effectively prevent the tiny particles penetration.
The product is used for absorbing organic matter in water treatment, chemical pesticide and residual chlorine, odor and peculiar smell, etc., product validity can last 6 to 9 months.

Activated-carbon particle filter element has strong adsorption capacity, and does not contain soluble organic matter which is harmful to human, and is widely used in the water treatment projects such as the group and household water purifiers, water dispensers and power plant, petrochemical engineering. It is even better to be used in water treatment in water-polluted urban factories, hotels, all kinds of cool and refreshing drinks.

Main Features: 

1. Integrate all the functions such as adsorption, filtering, intercept, catalysis as a whole.

2. Resisted from acid, alkali, salt and different kinds of organic solvents.

3. High filtering precision, large flow, small pressure discrepancy, high compressing resistance strength, large assimilative volume, non-toxic, tasteless.

4. Convenient to install and uninstall.


1. The total length including the thickness of the two gaskets.

2. The outer diameter includes the outermost layer of non-woven fabric and nylon net.

3. The Inner diameter is the length of the inner lid.

4. Specifications can be based on customer's request.

5. Material: coal, nut shell, coconut shell

6. End cover: polypropylene

7. Gasket: NRB(nitrile-butadiene rubber), silicone rubber

Technical parameters:

Surface area: 800 ~ 1000 

The adsorption of iodine, 900 ~ 1000 mg/g

The adsorption quantity for benzene : 20 ~ 25%

Four oxidation of carbon adsorption rate: 50 ~ 60%

adsorption value: 13 ~ 16 ml/g

COD removal rate: 58.25%

Residual chlorine removal rate: 96.83% or higher

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filters

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filters

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