The technical level of domestic air energy heat pump companies needs further improvement

The technical level of domestic air energy heat pump companies needs further improvement In recent years, the air energy heat pump industry in China has developed rapidly. Not only changed the overall pattern of the traditional water heater market, but also for the domestic construction of a conservation-oriented society under the premise, according to consumer spending habits for targeted product development and improvement, in line with the common interests of the country and consumers. But looking at the world's entire air energy heat pump industry, domestic air heat pump technology still has a big gap compared with foreign air heat pump companies.

Although domestic air-to-energy heat pump companies, especially first-tier brands, already have a certain amount of technology accumulation, there is still a certain gap between the domestic enterprises and the technology of foreign-renowned air-energy companies. In Japan, for example, air energy companies have developed a carbon dioxide heat pump with a good low temperature condition. This type of heat pump can generate high-temperature hot water at low temperatures, and the temperature of the outlet water can reach more than 100°C. The carbon dioxide heat pump technology is a technical problem that domestic air heat pump companies must overcome. So far no domestic company has fully mastered this technology.

Although domestic heat pump companies have won markets in the short term with a wide range of terminals, flexible tactics, strong research and advertising, but want to occupy the market for a long time must rely on the company's deep technical reserves and product development capabilities.

In addition, as foreign air energy companies and domestic central air-conditioning giants have also seen the future growth trend of the air-energy water heater market, they have formulated market-oriented R&D and marketing strategies. In the future, these foreign companies and large-brand central air-conditioning companies will follow. With large-scale entry, the industry's competition will continue to deepen.

Air-conditioning refrigeration market experts believe that whether heat pump companies stand out in the market competition depends not only on the company's market strategy and marketing methods, but also on the testing of their new product development capabilities and the transformation of technological achievements. Heat pump companies want to be intense. To survive in the market competition must further improve the technical level.

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