The market of nitenpyram first appeared

After two years of silence, production and sales of nitenpyram that could replace alternatives such as fipronil increased in 2011, and it is expected that total annual output will increase from about 500 tons in 2010 to about 600 tons; at the same time, preparation products Registered to become hot, the Ministry of Agriculture newly approved the registration of 7 nitenpyram preparations for Beijing Yanhuan Yongle, Shaanxi Biaozheng, Shandong Joint Pesticides, Nanjing Huazhou Pharmaceutical, Lianyungang Liben, Nantong Jiangshan, and Shanghai Yunong Bio. Registered crop control targets are rice planthoppers and cotton, citrus aphids, and the nitenpyram market has begun to show its vitality.

Nitenpyram is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, and novel nicotinic insecticide. With the withdrawal of five highly toxic pesticides, such as methamidophos, and fipronil, nitenpyram is used as a national agricultural technology center. One of the alternative products recommended by provincial and municipal plant protection agencies is more and more applied.

There are four reasons why nitenpyram is registered to be hot: First, it has excellent performance, and it has excellent activity against various aphids, whiteflies and rice leafhoppers. At the same time, it has high efficiency, low toxicity, internal absorption, no cross-resistance, and The crops have no merits such as harm to the crops, and can be widely used in crops such as rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit trees, and tea to prevent and control various pests. Second, there is a huge market demand space. Rice is the main food crop in China, and the amount of pesticides required for the control of rice pests such as rice planthoppers is large. In particular, the prohibition of highly toxic organophosphorus pesticides and fipronil has brought a huge market space. The domestic nitenpyram market demand will It reached about 2 billion yuan. The third is the low multiple of pest resistance. With the promotion and application of nicotine pesticides, many pests have certain resistance to the nicotinic pesticides such as imidacloprid and acetamiprid. Nitenpyram is a new product introduced in recent years, and its resistance to insecticides Lower. Fourth, adequate supply of basic raw materials. The main raw material of nitenpyram is 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine. In recent years, with the rise of nicotine pesticide research and production boom, the domestic raw material technology has reached the international advanced level, the product can not only meet the domestic market Demand, but there is a considerable amount of exports.

In 2010, the total production of nitenpyram in the country was about 500 tons, while the national demand was 3,000 tons. There was also a certain consumption of nitenpyram in Southeast Asia, Europe, and South Africa, and nitenpyram is currently in severe shortage. According to the prediction of experts, in the next 2 to 3 years, the domestic market demand for nitenpyram will reach around 10,000 tons/year, and exports will be around 3,000 tons.

At present, the domestic drug manufacturers registered with the domestic nitenpyram in the Ministry of Agriculture include Mountain Tokyo Pengpang Biopharmaceutical, Lianyungang Liben, Nantong Jiangshan, Jiangsu Changlong Chemical, Jiangsu Changshu Pesticide Factory, and Guangxi Pastoral, with a production capacity of 1,000 tons/year. In the year or so, many of them were new installations. There are 15 production enterprises of nitenpyram which include Shandong Jiacheng, Shandong Aodile Chemical, Henan Chunguang Agrochemical, and Shandong Greenba Chemical. The main dosage forms are 98% original drug, 10% soluble liquid agent, and 10%-50% Granules, 10% to 20% wettable powder, 50% soluble granules.

At present, the bottleneck that restricts the growth of production and sales of nitenpyram remains. The first is that the dosage form production process is extremely complicated: the melting point is low, and the sun can melt it when exposed to sunlight; water can easily decompose and cannot be produced in a humid climate. At present, it is very difficult for many companies to overcome these two drawbacks due to equipment limitations, which has a great impact on production volume. The second is that although the price of nitenpyram decreased year by year, it is still much higher than traditional products. In 2008, the price of nitenpyram in raw drugs was 500,000 yuan (t price, the same below). In 2009, it was 400,000 yuan. In 2011, it fell to 216,700 to 231,500 yuan, but the price of similar products of imidacloprid was only 130,000 yuan. Yuan, acetamiprid original drug price is 100,000 yuan, the traditional pesticide chlorpyrifos is 45,000 yuan, the insecticide is 21,000 yuan. Farmers are very sensitive to prices and generally choose medicines with good efficacy and low prices. Higher prices constrain the large-scale use of nitenpyram. Finally, nitenpyram is a newly launched product in recent years. Although there is a certain market share, most farmers have low awareness of it. Farmers lack the opportunity to contact and understand nitenpyram, and they will not be easy. Use, there is no need to strengthen the promotion and publicity efforts of manufacturers to increase farmers' exposure and understanding nitenpyram's chances.

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