Suction truck maintenance and repair

1. The Vacuum Pump lubricant is BM-14 mechanical vacuum pump oil, which can also be replaced with vehicle oil. The vacuum pump oil should be kept at the normal calibration level. If the vacuum pump oil is reduced, the suction vacuum function will be significantly reduced.

2. The vacuum pumping device of the suction truck, each part carries out technical maintenance and refilling of lubricant grease according to the technical maintenance cycle of the vehicle.

3. Before every working day, check the manure tank and gas pipelines for leakage, leakage, leakage, etc.

Check the fastener bolts and nuts of the manure tank, vacuum pump, transmission shaft and power take-off device daily.

V. It is recommended that before the official use of the vehicle, conduct a test run on suction water purification, be familiar with the operation process, and gain experience.

Six. Semi-tank transportation is strictly prohibited.

7. Lubricants for vacuum pumps should be replaced on a regular basis. After every 120 to 150 suctions, replace old oil with new ones.

8. When the vacuum pump works normally, the speed of the car engine is 800 to 1400 rpm. If the vacuum pump is too low, the vacuum level cannot be achieved. Otherwise, the vacuum pump is easily damaged.

Nine. When the gear is combined with the power take-off device, slowly loosen the clutch pedal to avoid the sudden high-speed operation of the vacuum pump and damage the pump parts or drive shaft parts.

X. Daily inspections and maintenance of the "alarm device" should ensure its sensitivity and effectiveness.

XI. It is forbidden to work under conditions of low altitude or high altitude.

12. When the vacuum level reaches 500mmHg, the feces liquid will not enter the tank, that is, the suction hose is blocked, the engine should be extinguished, the vacuum pump should be stopped, the pipeline must be opened, and the suction should be carried out (the defecation method can also be used to clear the pipeline. ).

Air Strut for Range Rover Sport  


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Brand Name:HARWAY

OEM No.:RPD501110

Model:Used for Range Rover Sport

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Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,paypal

Delivery date:Efficient delivery after payment

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