Stainless steel ball valve installation steps

Stainless steel ball valve installation should be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the product installation requirements, the following stainless steel ball valve installation should pay attention to the relevant details to do the following instructions: 1. Stainless steel ball valve fully open state rinse; 2. Stainless steel ball valve After the pipe is connected, the flange bolts must be cross-locked with the specified torque. 3. The stainless steel flange ball valve must be cleaned of residual impurities in the clean pipe before it is connected to the pipe. 4. During the installation, Actuator part as lifting lifting point, in order to avoid damage to implementing agencies and accessories; 5 steel flange ball valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline; 6. Cast steel ball valve near the pipe installation point can not be lowered Or withstand the phenomenon of external force, you can use the pipe bracket or support to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline; 7. The installation of stainless steel ball valve should be required before the signal should be carried out 整机 test, after passing the line can be installed.

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