Some Matters Needing Attention in Sewage Vehicles in Rainy Days

The effect of rain on the sewage suction truck is mainly due to rain and ground dust mixed into a thin layer of mud, resulting in a smooth road surface, friction coefficient is reduced, under normal circumstances, the friction coefficient of the road is about 0.7, while only about 0.4 when the rain When the brakes are applied, the suction truck is easy to skid and slip. In addition, it is easy to see such things as unclear sight. Pedestrians and cyclists, or umbrellas, or raincoats, are obscured by rain, and are not covered by motor vehicles.

The traffic control department therefore reminded the public that there must be “eight items of attention” when driving in rainy weather: the speed must be reduced; driving in the prescribed lane during driving should be done to avoid frequent line-up; pay attention to avoid pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles; pay attention, and do not step on Braking to prevent slippage of the vehicle; check the vehicle before leaving the vehicle to ensure that the wiper and other components are sensitive and effective; when heavy rain and heavy rain are present, fog lights must be turned on; when there is accumulated water on the road surface, it is necessary to check the depth. Drive through; during rainy days when driving on mountain roads, always pay attention to landslides.

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