Several car companies have produced fuel cell bus samples but commercialization is still far

Passenger car companies such as Jinlong Motors, Yutong Bus and Foton Motor have stated that they have already produced fuel cell bus prototypes. Ankai officials say that Ankai has not yet produced fuel cell buses.

The bus companies all stated that fuel cell technology is one of the important development directions of new energy vehicles, but it is far from the stage of large-scale popularization. At present, the number of fuel cell buses produced by bus companies is relatively small, and even fewer are actually put into operation. Most car companies have expressed concern about the development of fuel cell technology, but sales of new energy buses are mainly based on plug-in hybrid buses and pure electric buses.

Wu Zhenqing, deputy secretary-general of the China Road Society Bus Division, stated that fuel cell buses are currently not the mainstream of new energy buses. Domestic pure electric buses are mainly based on lithium-ion power batteries. The high cost and immature technology have limited the development of fuel cell buses.

Zhen Zhenqing stated that from the perspective of the operation of public transport companies, pure electric buses, especially fuel cell buses, are less efficient than conventional fuel and gas buses, and the purchase cost of pure electric buses is several times that of fuel vehicles. Bus companies and local governments are very It is difficult to purchase bulk fuel cell buses.


GB E4303/J422 Suitable for welding important low carbon steel structures and structures fabricated by low tensile strength low alloy steel, such as Q235 Steel, 09Mn2 steel etc.


J422 is Carbon Steel Welding Electrode covered with a lime titanium type coating.It shows a very good welding performances: stable arc, small spatters, fine appearance, and slag easy to remove.Both AC and DC can be applied, and it is applicable for all-position welding.



1. Generally, J422 welding electrodes do not need bake before welding .

2. If damped, the electrodes should be baked for 0.5-1 hour at the temperature of 150-170 ℃ before welding.


Product details:

Diameter:   2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm

Length:      300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm

Operating Current: AC and DC

Welding Current Range:50-220A



2.5mm*300mm  2.5kgs/inner box, 8inner boxes/carton=20kgs

 3.2mm*350mm  5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs

4.0mm*400mm   5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs

J421 Welding Electrodes

J421 Welding Electrodes,J421 Welding Electrodes 2.5mm,Welding Rod,J421 Welding Electrodes 4.0mm

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