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China Drying News On December 9, according to the Environmental Protection Department of Yunnan Province, the treatment of residual chromium residue from the "6.22" chromium slag pollution incident in Qujing, Yunnan Province, which has received attention from all walks of life, has finally come to an end. A few days ago, Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Bureau formed an expert group to give a staged acceptance opinion: Qujing's chromium slag treatment has reached the state's relevant requirements for chromium residue disposal and agreed to pass the stage acceptance of 179,500 tons of historical chromium residue treatment.

After the "6.12" chromium slag illegal dumping occurred in Qujing last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the environmental impact assessment of Qujing City's industrial construction project and requested Qujing City to complete the new chromium production since 2006 before the end of 2011. Slag, the end of 2012 to complete the history of the remaining chromium slag harmless management tasks. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Qujing City formulated a detailed plan for the treatment of chromium residue left over from history and took measures to complete the harmless disposal of the new chromium residue on schedule. Qujing City has successively used Qujing Yuegang Group's high-temperature reduction sintering production line, Luliang Chemical's Phase I and Phase II detoxification production line, and Anning Rongding Furnace Co., Ltd. metallurgical auxiliary material production line to manage the history of remaining chromium residue and go all out to promote the treatment of historically leftover chromium residue. One month completed the task of harmless treatment of chromium residue left over from history. As of November 30th, Luliang Chemical's 195,500 tons of historically-deposited chromium slag has been harmlessly disposed of.

Qujing's “6·12” Chromium Slag Pollution Incident Occurred - Yunnan Luliang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the only chromium salt manufacturer in Qujing City. Since the start of production in 1989 to June 2011, the company has cumulatively produced 391,500 tons of chromium residue. Among them, the disposal of 140,000 tons by June 2011 left 176,500 tons of chromium residue in history.

From December 15, 2011, Qujing Yuegang Group took the lead in opening the curtain on the disposal of chromium residue from Qujing's history. Yuegang Group adopted high-temperature sintering reduction technology. By November 30 of this year, it had disposed of 76,900 tons of chromium residue left over from Qujing's history. Qujing City has introduced Anning Rongding Furnace Co., Ltd. and Luliang Chemical Co., Ltd. to build a premelted composite slagging agent production line to produce metallurgical auxiliary materials for detoxification. The production line was put into trial operation in April this year. It was formally put into operation by the Environmental Protection Agency of Yunnan Province in August and accumulated a total of 88,900 tons of chromium residue on the Nanpan River.

In addition, since December 14, 2011, Luliang Chemical's first-phase shaft kiln detoxification product line has also begun to dispose of the Xianghui Chromium Industry, sporadic clean-up and transportation, and residual chromium residue left by the Nanpan River, and accumulated a total of 18,300 tons of chromium residue. . The second phase of the detoxification production line was completed on August 30 this year. From September 1 onwards, the average daily capacity for disposing of chromium slag was 1,000 tons, and the second-phase detoxification project accumulated a total of 75,400 tons of chromium residue on the Nanpan River.

By November 23, Qujing City had cleaned up and disposed of 195,500 tons of chromium residue. After deducting the loss of water during cleanup and disposal, it actually detoxified 179,000 tons of chromium residue through the detoxification production line.

Recognized by the expert group of Yunnan Environmental Protection Agency, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the harmless disposal of chromium residues and the controllability of the disposal process, the environmental protection department of Qujing City has issued the harmless treatment of chromium residues and the chromium salts of Luliang Chemicals. The supervisory monitoring work plan for production line resumption and production, careful organization of the monitoring of surface water, groundwater, and soil environmental quality during the disposal of chromium slag, simultaneous monitoring of pollutants in the disposal facility's exhaust gas and detoxification slag and chromium slag yard, and timely control of chromium The disposal of the slag to the environment will keep the entire process of chromium slag controllable. During the entire process of chromium residue disposal, Qujing City's environmental protection department dispatched staff to the factories that handled the chromium residue, and supervised the chromium residue treatment. Environmental monitoring results showed that all chromium residue treatment did not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The acceptance team requested that the Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Agency should urge Luliang Chemical to comprehensively use the detoxified chromium slag as soon as possible, accelerate the disposal of the chromium-containing slag, and start the ecological restoration of the chromium slag dump site as soon as possible. In addition, the acceptance group recommended that relevant departments at the municipal and county levels should strengthen supervision, continue to strengthen environmental monitoring, and coordinate and handle issues such as claims due to the legacy of historical chromium residue.

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