Qinghai will build a 10 million-ton coal coking industrial base

On the 3rd, the Qinghai Provincial Government formally launched the “Muli Resource Planning for Muli Coal Mine Resources,” which means that the only fully-equipped coking coal resource development in the Muli coalfield is in a new stage of unified planning, unified development, and unified management. .

According to the industrial chain plan, Qinghai will build a 10 million-ton coal coking industrial base through the construction of a processing and comprehensive utilization project industrial park, and form a coal washing-coking-coking furnace gas methanol-coal tar refining and related Industrial cooperation and development of coal chemical industry circular economy industrial chain.

The Muli coalfield is located at the junction of Tianjun county of Haixi Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and Gangcha County of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It has an area of ​​about 400 square kilometers and a total coking coal resources of 3.54 billion tons. It is the main deposit area of ​​coking coal resources in Qinghai Province.

Luo Yulin, deputy governor of Qinghai Province, said that the “Muli Resource Planning for Muli Coal Mine Resources” has planned 8 well fields with a total construction capacity of 8.1 million tons. At the same time, 6 exploration areas have been planned, and the exploration of flammable ice resources in the mining area has also been carried out. Protection was specifically planned.

According to another understanding, the implementation plan for the overall planning of the Muli coalfield started recently will adhere to the principles of local transformation of coal resources in Qinghai Province, giving priority to the use of coal and intensive utilization of circular economy projects, and protecting the environment to achieve total control and protection. Develop and sustain stable production goals. With the initiation and implementation of this plan, by 2015, the coal production capacity of the Muli coalfield will reach 10 million tons.

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