PTFE (Teflon) Coated Fiberglass Open Mesh Conveyor Belt

Model NO.: YS-6003
HS Code: 70195900
Youngsun select fine glassfiber or Kevlar as basic weaving material, coated with excellent PTFE resin to make it into various PTFE open mesh conveyor belts.

1. High temperature resistance—It Can continuously work under-140 to 320 ,max resist high temperature up to 360 .
2. Permeability—It can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for it's permeability.
3. Chemical resistance—It can resist all most of chemical medicines.
4. Non Stick—It can easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin, paint and chemical
medicine, easy to clean.
5.Good flex fatigue resistance—It has high tensile strength and excellent flex fatigueresistance. It's better for small wheels.

1. Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk-prnting and dyeing machine.
2. Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer.
3. Conveyer belt for hot-air dryer, various of food baking, quick-frozen machines.
4. Oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering.
5. Seperating sheet for hardboard production etc.

This production line is mainly composed of automatic mixing system, automatic machine, Automatic Foaming Device, Automatic Cutting System of four parts, with a single large output, less labor, product quality is good wait for a characteristic, is to realize the mechanization, standardization, large-scale production, the best choice for fire door core board.

1. System equipment introduction.

1) automatic mixing system.

USES the automatic winding machine, computer automatic batching system, realize the light burning powder, brine, modifier of automatic proportioning and electronic measurement, such as spiral material, blanking, accurate measurement, accurate operation regulation.

2) Automatic Plate Making Machine.

The automatic multichannel roller pressure, net cloth, spread non-woven plate, a molding, plate speed, plank smooth surface smooth, uniform thickness, specifications and any adjustment, has reasonable structure design, the operation is convenient, molding cycle is short, high production efficiency, product quality is good wait for a characteristic.

3) automatic foaming device.

Use anti-corrosion pump and automatic metering device, to realize automatic foaming agent and the water ratio of mixture foam liquid, use the foaming machine will foam liquid into a bubble, and then through the automatic metering device to realize the automatic metering pump bubble.

4) automatic cutting system.

Using advanced computer control system to realize pipeline cutting, the specification and size can be adjusted according to the need, which can greatly improve the output and efficiency.

Large Fireproof Door Core Board Production Line

Fully Automatic Mixing System, Automatic Plate Making Machine, Automatic Foaming Device, Automatic Cutting System

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