Phthalic anhydride market continues to decline

Recently, the domestic market for phthalic anhydride has been unfavorable, and the market sentiment has continued to fall. The focus of trade has fallen slightly. Traders' attitudes have reappeared differently. They are more stable or bearish. They lack confidence in the rebound, and the market continues to fluctuate in the light of continued trading.

On April 6, the phthalic anhydride market in North China and Shandong Province was calm and the prices were stable. The market mainstream negotiations at 9500 ~ 9550 yuan (t price, the same below), part of the talks can be slightly lower; downstream inquiries received goods on demand, the market mentality wait and see, the overall turnover in general; part of the phthalic anhydride manufacturers underemployed, market supply pressure eased . East China phthalic anhydride market atmosphere is quiet, the market temporarily stable, the mainstream offer stable at 9400 ~ 9500 yuan, the intention to negotiate in 9350 ~ 9400 yuan, the market mentality wait and see, the downstream inquiry is light, to discuss the general. The phthalic anhydride market in South China has a calm atmosphere. The market is arranging in a narrow range. The mainstream price is between 9700 and 9800 yuan, and the mainstream price is between 9600 and 9700 yuan. On the downstream, on-demand delivery, cautiously wait and see.

Exhausting Pipe Components

Advantages of Casting Process:

1: Suitable for complicated structures.

2: Customized, made to customer's drawing or prototype.

3: Casting provides Precise shape, less material machining.
4: Wide weight variation allowed,from 1kg to 40kgs.
5: Wide range of material spec can be selected:

GG450,GG500,GG700,ASTM 65-45-12, SIMO Alloy Iron

6: Parts can be used for different industries, Auto Exhaust Pipe, Hydraulic, Agricultural Machinery Parts

7: High temperature resistant

Certificastes and Documents Provided:





- Non-Destructive Report, UT,MPT

Packaging and Transport : Plywood Case packing

1) Standard plywood case for outside packing.
2) Rusty proof oil or liquid applied for each part.
3) Parts are segerated one by one with plastic plate.

Delivery Terms:






Our Services

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2: Sampling Time: 30 days including moulding

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