Paying attention to the quality of auto parts and protecting consumer rights

According to Chen Wei, Minister of Machinery of the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, due to the lack of relevant technical standards, the quality inspection department was unable to inspect the current car film and investigate violations, which means that the business name is "technology." The standard blank "wipe ball" is to "slaughter" the consumer.

1 only for repair. Mr. Wang, who was doing business in Xiamen, suffered serious damage to his vehicle because of drunk driving and a large truck. He sent it to the FAW repair factory. The price quoted by the auto repair factory was 110,000 yuan. According to the extent of the damage, Mr. Wang’s expectation of the repair fee is 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. Why can the manufacturer set such a high cost? A shop assistant at the repair shop revealed afterwards that “After the accident, the car was dragged into the repair site for repair. Once the car came, the owner would organize an electrician, a mechanic, etc. to list all the old and new traces of the car, and then told the owner. This should be replaced."

It seems that "the ulterior motives of the drunkards" means that the auto repair shop is not just as simple as saving things, but is serving around eternal interests.

2 fake and shoddy. Some of the common methods used by unscrupulous auto parts merchants are to obtain more profits by shoddy, fake, shoddy, etc.

Why is it that the long-term supervision of poor quality auto parts is still banned?

In the face of increasingly serious auto parts market, various functional departments of the country have taken actions to strengthen the supervision of auto parts production to circulation. All provinces and cities have formulated corresponding policies and adopted corresponding measures to strengthen the management of the auto parts industry. To fundamentally regulate the development of the industry and improve the quality of products, not only must strong multi-sectoral joint law enforcement efforts be carried out to increase consumer awareness of rights protection, but also have to take more effective measures to purify the market environment and improve the healthy operation mechanism of the market economy. Measures will form a truly co-construction, co-management, and co-governance mechanism.

According to experts from the Fujian Provincial Institute of Central Inspection, from December 1, 2007, 13 types of motor vehicle parts and components have undergone compulsory certification, and have not obtained the compulsory product certification ("3C" certification) certificate and "3C" certification mark. Products may not be manufactured, sold, imported, or used in other business activities.

In short, as long as consumers master certain parts of the identification and use of common sense, in the use of improper parts in the courage to actively safeguard their rights, I believe that in the consumer's consumption orientation, the auto parts market will have a healthy development of space and trends.

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