Open the door of domestic equipment world quasi 2011 new product release

On July 16, 2011, the 2011 new product launch conference, which was created by Suzhou Tianzhu Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianben Company”), a leading brand of China Precision Measurement, was grandly held at the office building of the company’s headquarters and was acquired. A complete success!

Wang Guorong, deputy director of the Suzhou Science and Technology City Management Committee, measurement experts Xie Huakun, Wang Weinong, Yu Yuping, Zha Guobing, Zhang Heng, Wang Xiaofei, and more than 80 friends and distributors from all over the country gathered in Suzhou to witness the event. The grand launch of new products.

At this new product launch event, Tianzhu Company also released the following three latest measurement products:

1. Mobile bridge type coordinate measuring machine 2. High-performance automatic image measuring instrument 3. Manual image measuring instrument Tianzhun Co., Ltd. With the help of this new product launch conference, we hope to communicate with our customers and partners: Tianjian's domestic instruments are already open. World top international brands.

Display Enclosure

Precision enclosures for displaying devices, used either indoor or outdoor use, such as bus station or supermarket. They`re waterproof (protection level above IP55) and dustproof.

MSG could produce display enclosures with various material like aluminum, mild steel, plastic etc. Available colors include black, white, gray, brown etc. A customized or mixed color is also available.

MSG is equipped with modern and advanced machines to produce custom design display enclosures. If you`re seeking for a display enclosure manufacturer, welcome to contact us with your detailed requirement.


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