Liaoyang Petrochemical Centrifuge Dry Gas Seal Replaces Imported Products

As of November 21st, Liaoyang Petrochemical Company's aluminum alkyl centrifuges have been operating safely and steadily for 60 days, marking the company's independent research and development of dry gas seals to replace imported products.

The original centrifuge was imported from foreign companies. Over the past 10 years, it not only cost millions of dollars annually to purchase mechanical seal spare parts from abroad, but also has high sealing friction power and high power consumption, especially during the inspection process. Fire accident.

In order to reduce procurement costs and eliminate potential operational risks, in November last year, Liaoyang Petrochemical began to independently develop dry aluminum gas centrifuge seals to replace imported mechanical seals. After nearly a year of research and development, in September this year, Liaoyang Petrochemical used the window to overhaul the opportunity to put the new seal into operation. After calculation, the new seal manufacturing cost is only 35% of the original seal purchase cost, annual savings of spare parts costs more than 500,000 yuan, annual savings of 60,000 yuan in electricity costs, and improve the site safety operating environment.

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