LED anti-glare lamp advantages and principles

Now many lamps and lanterns add anti-glare to protect their eyesight, which is misleading to consumers. Most of the traditional energy-saving lamp light sources use the electronic circuit to charge and produce gas+spray spectrum of phosphor powder inside the tube. UV light is generated in the spectrum. This light adjusts the color of the light, but it is extremely damaging to the eyesight or the illuminated object. In addition to the circuit of the energy-saving lamp, it is prone to strobe light and is unfavorable to the eyes. The LED itself is a semiconductor device principle of light, we usually call a solid-state light source, its light emission principle is generated by its own volt-ampere characteristics, so its light is more suitable for lamp lighting, and is a healthy light source. Therefore, healthy lighting is still the choice of LED lighting, but the choice of LED lighting should also pay attention to several points, the best selection of color temperature suitable for lighting (technical more not described in this) is generally in 2700K-6000K, high color temperature in the lighting is blue The visual perception of the human body is dazzling, followed by the best choice of color rendering at 75 Ra or higher. This option is good for eyesight. . . . .

Glare refers to the visual conditions in the field of view due to unfavorable brightness distribution, or extreme brightness contrast in space or time, resulting in visual discomfort and reduced object visibility. The sensation of light that the human eye cannot adapt to within the field of vision may cause disgust, discomfort, or loss of visibility. In the field of view, an excessively high brightness occurs in some places or an excessive brightness change occurs before and after. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Principle Glare is caused by the reflection of strong outdoor light on the lens and other surfaces. It has a certain influence on the eyes and causes eye discomfort. The glare generated during driving or outdoor sports may cause certain risks.

In the World War II, the Suez Canal, which was of strategic importance to Britain, faced the destruction of German fighter planes. The canal was huge and busy. The traditional camouflage method obviously made it difficult for the canal not to be discovered by the Germans. A good suggestion: "If you want to make something unseen, magicians can help you", so the British found a famous magician Mr. Maskelyne. The magician set up a number of rotating searchlights along the canal, which caused a lot of glare to the pilots of enemy bombers patronized at night, making it difficult to find the exact location of the canal; at the same time, the dust and water often adhered to the windshield of the enemy aircraft. Beads and some scratches scatter the intense beam of light, further interfering with the enemy’s sight, so that the British successfully saved the Suez Canal in World War II.

Glare is often used to describe an environment such as a bright sunny beach or a snowy mountaintop. In 1984, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America defined glare as: Because it is much larger than the eye's adaptive lighting in the field of view. Caused annoyance, discomfort, or loss of visual performance. The glare light source is divided into direct, such as sunlight, too strong light, and indirect, such as reflection from the surface of a smooth object (highway pavement or water surface, etc.). The consequences of glare mainly boil down to three types: discomfort glare, light-adapted glare, and funeral glare.

Three-beam Spunbond Nonwoven Line Series

Three-beam spunbond nonwoven machines distribute polypropylene (PP) by three dies, which greatly promotes the output of nonwoven fabric. The product of SSS nonwoven machine is more suitable for baby diapers, older diapers, sanitary napkins and so on. Based on the advantages of SS nonwoven machine, SSS nonwoven machine has higher ability of distribution of PP, greater output of nonwoven fabric, higher intensity of nonwoven fabric cover, better permeability of nonwoven fabric.

SSS nonwoven machine

Main Parameters of Three-beam Spunbond Non-woven Line:

Quantity of Die

Spunbond Unit: 3 set

Effective Width <mm>






Embossing Pattern




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