HOWO light truck high-end models listed in Guangzhou

On March 18th, China National Heavy Duty Truck Light Trucks Group and Guangwu Automobile Trade Group held the opening ceremony of the HOWO light truck high-end car launch promotion conference and the Baiyun Truck City of Guangwu Automobile Trade in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. The HOWO light truck is equipped with the new configuration model of the Cummins ISF2.8 and ISF3.8 National IV engines.

This model is a new national four-configuration model tailored to China’s rapid development of high-end and efficient logistics vehicle models based on Guangdong’s rapid development of high-end logistics models, which can meet the needs of fast-moving users for high-efficiency operation and for the majority of users. Provide the best logistics solution. The model is still using a 2080mm wide body cab, with a 2150MM wide cargo compartment with more coordination, European style cab, light truck development trend, the appearance of the mighty atmosphere, bold and unrestrained, showing the dominant landlord strong style. The colors of the car body are Haoshaojin, Haoshenbaohong and Haoshenbaolan. Metallic paints guarantee 3-5 years of pure color and low depreciation rate.

Matte Black's new "spouted" intake grille increases the intake and ventilation of the front cover to meet the cooling needs of high-powered engines. Heavy-duty steam outside the original frame-type rear-view mirror, to achieve no blind spots to protect traffic safety. Heavy-duty gas pioneered heavy-duty wiper diffuser, the overall shape of the overall shape of a seamless, full of international style, from the root to solve the problem plagued the front panel of the light truck industry, "flow yellow water" problem.

The engine uses Cummins ISF2.8, ISF3.8 high pressure common rail engine, the maximum output power of 141 horsepower, the maximum torque of 450 Nm, the maximum torque speed of 1200-2200RPM. The light truck engine uses Dr. high-pressure common rail and EGR+DOC technology, which can meet strict national IV discharge standards without adding urea.

The Cummins ISF 3.8 is equipped with an ultra-speed six-speed transmission to make the division more detailed. It can not only maintain speed on the highway, but also embody the power and fuel economy of the vehicle in the national road and mountain road. The new model also comes standard with original air conditioning, exhaust brake, air brake and 120L aluminum alloy tank. The 7.50R16 all-steel radial tires and the reinforced rear axle provide good load-bearing capacity for the vehicle.

The users of the site did not want to leave the car after watching the car for a long time and were attracted by the temperament of the HOWO light truck. On that day, 6 users reached their purchase intention.

A new car delivery ceremony was held at the scene. Li Yue, deputy general manager of Guangwu Automobile & Trade Group, delivered the first Guangzhou HOWO light truck with Cummins ISF3.8 engine to the user.

More than 200 users and guests from logistics express companies, major transport companies, more than 100 truck users and related media attended the promotion meeting.

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