Haisheng Technology has made outstanding achievements in innovation and innovation

In recent years, Haisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is guided by the scientific concept of development, serving the national defense and contributing to the society as its mission, adhering to the business philosophy of building a high-quality, strong and strong main business, carrying forward the team spirit, pioneering and innovating, and achieving the company's continuity and stability. Healthy development, handed over a satisfactory transcript.
When the international financial crisis hit, Haisheng Technology formulated a new development policy based on its own situation, and vigorously developed the civilian products business, including water acoustic transducers and materials, cleaning equipment, GE products, while completing the military tasks with quality and quantity. Six major sectors of grain processing equipment, special power supply and FRP products will speed up the pace of adjustment, optimize product layout, expand product areas, and foster new economic growth points.
In view of the dispersiveness and diversity of existing civilian products, Haisheng Technology analyzes in a timely manner, quickly clears up the business ideas, and focuses on and purposefully expands the market: to play its own advantages, the main business - piezoelectric ceramic components, water sound The transducers and their components are stronger and bigger; the English and Chinese companies will increase capital and expand their shares, and the complete cleaning equipment will be developed into leading civilian products; efforts will be made to expand cooperation with General Electric Company of the United States, focusing on and accepting yaw brakes (brakes) in batches. High-value-added products such as coil groove wedge products, X-ray mechanical parts for sensing and inspection technology; increase the market development of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and strive to expand the market of military-civilian dual-purpose FRP products by virtue of the professional technology and professional ability of developing FRP products Increase the commitment of foreign product orders, Haisheng Science and Technology's branches in accordance with their own characteristics, combined with the actual market conditions, strengthen communication with customers, and at the same time with a number of research institutes, large enterprises signed a contract, do The total amount of military and civilians is complementary. Through the above measures, Haisheng Technology has formed a new economic growth point.

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