Garbage truck development history

In modern society, garbage trucks are already an indispensable sanitation vehicle in our city. Then did the big brothers understand the history of garbage trucks?

The time for using garbage trucks in our country is less than 30 years, but the origin of garbage trucks can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s. The time for the garbage truck to appear was before the car appeared. At that time, the garbage truck was relatively simple. It was a carriage plus a box. After the car appeared, the carriage was changed to a car. At that time, the garbage trucks were open-type, and the garbage easily overflowed, and during the summer, foul odors appeared. The soon-to-be-open garbage trucks were eliminated, followed by covered garbage trucks, which were made up of a watertight box plus a weight-dropping machine, but that required a lot of manpower. It was also replaced. It was replaced by a German-made rotary garbage truck. This kind of car adds a rotary smashing device inside the car, which can crush the bulky garbage so that it can be loaded with more garbage.

Americans in the 20th century invented a compression-type garbage truck . This type of garbage truck is similar to modern garbage trucks. The rear-compression garbage truck adopts a hydraulic cylinder garbage tray, which makes the ability to compress garbage more powerful. The carrying capacity has also been improved. Detroit, the US automobile city, was the first city to use this garbage truck. In the 1950s, such garbage trucks played an important role in the mobile industry's commercial waste.

The automatic front dump truck was invented by Dempster truck company in the mid 1950s. It can be said that it was the most advanced garbage truck at that time. A robotic arm was installed in front of the garbage bin behind the driver's seat. The small trash can be picked up or put down, which greatly reduces people's old motivation. (This picture with the small series is automatically dumped before the garbage truck.) This way of working the car can be seen in Shanghai in the early 21st century. Xiaobian has seen it. This kind of garbage truck can carry 35 to 40 cubic meters of garbage, and it can handle more than commercial waste. China's garbage truck is probably around 30 years ago, and it will have a chance to do a detailed introduction next time. The above is a brief introduction to the history of the development of garbage trucks. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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