Domestic Instruments “Direct Injection Sample Mercury Analyzer” review project promotion meeting was held

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] On February 5th, the HGA-100 Direct Injection Hydrometer was organized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The company convenes.

Mercury is a toxic element that people are familiar with and can cause great damage to the body's nervous, digestive, and immune systems. In coal-fired coal, mercury is generally contained. After coal is burned, mercury is discharged into the atmosphere and then settled into water, soil, and other environmental elements, which makes the problem of excessive discharge of heavy metal pollutants prominent. China is the country with the highest mercury emissions in the world, coupled with the rapid development of the domestic chemical industry, the mercury emissions are increasingly serious. At present, China's mercury treatment is imminent and cannot be ignored.
The mercury analyzer is a high-sensitivity atomic absorption spectrometer for measuring mercury. It has the advantages of high measurement speed, simple operation, digital display, direct reading, etc. It is an ideal tool for measuring mercury in the laboratory. Especially in recent years, with the increase of metal mercury pollution, the mercury analyzer has been more widely used. R&D personnel continuously develop new types of mercury analyzers.
The HGA-100 Direct Injection Mercury Analyzer is the latest generation of domestic mercury analyzer independently developed by Haiguang. In August 2017, the product passed the China Association of Analytical and Test Associations, and academician Wang Haizhou of the Iron and Steel Research Group acted as the team leader’s technical appraisal meeting.
Traditional mercury determination methods need to be measured with aqua regia digestion for 2 hours, not only the procedure is complicated but also need to consume a large amount of concentrated acid, while the HGA-100 type direct injection mercury analyzer has nano-gold-plated quartz sand and high-efficiency catalyst, etc. A number of patented technologies can overcome light source drift and eliminate the effects of stray light. At the same time weighing data can be directly transmitted to the data processing system, improving the detection efficiency.
The experts at the meeting carefully listened to the company’s introduction to the product, carefully discussed the contents of the mercury analyzer verification specifications and the contents of the review, and watched the instrument prototypes and on-site testing prepared by the company for the evaluation laboratory. And called for more companies to actively pay attention to participating in the evaluation of domestic equipment and promote the greater development of domestic scientific instruments.
(Source: China Instrument Industry Association, China Chemical Instrument Network, Shanghai, China)

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