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Jining Tonglida Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, 45 kilometers away from historical and cultural city Qufu and 2 kilometers away from Beihu Provincial Tourism Resort . It is a design / production pump equipment / dust removal equipment / tail gas treatment. The professional equipment company has a solid technical foundation and R&D and production capabilities.

The various types of metering pumps produced by our company are the advanced technologies of domestic and international metering pumps. Our own R&D and production have high reliability / accuracy and wide adaptability to meet your long-term trouble-free production needs.

   Series dosing device according to the present kit produced a compact / easy operation / simple installation / automatic process / amount of fine material characteristics can transport a variety of acid / base / salt / organic chemical agents and other corrosive media.

   The company's pulse series of bag filter is divided into single and combined type, using computer control, high dust removal / can achieve unmanned operation.

   The tail gas treatment device produced by our company has spray absorption type and jet absorption type with high absorption efficiency / high degree of automation, and can effectively treat toxic and harmful gases such as chlorine / sulfur dioxide.

   The company's products are widely applied to - municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment - boiler and cooling water treatment - petroleum and chemical industry - paper / coating and biochemical industry - pharmaceutical / food industry - metallurgy / electric power industry - Laboratory applications. The company also represented the sales of chemical pump clear water pumps, fluorine-lined valves, and pipe fittings of well-known domestic brands.

   The company has a strong technical force, excellent technical equipment, scientific quality control system, advanced management tools, fast and timely after-sales service system, to provide users with the perfect product and quality service, to a large extent to meet the needs of users.

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