Career brother returned home to visit his relatives and friends before returning home to welcome civilian heroes

Career brother returned home before visiting relatives and friends to visit the station to welcome civilian hero home diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-21

Yesterday afternoon, the nation’s famous rescue hero, “Gao Ju”, Zhou Chong, returned to his hometown Xiaochang from Wuhan via a high-speed rail.
In the station square, Zhou Chong told reporters that since the promotion of saving people in Guangzhou on June 3, it has been surrounded by flowers and honors. On the 19th of this month, he signed a labor contract with the Guangzhou Port Group Huangpu Branch. After becoming a maintenance worker of the container operation department collecting machine squadron, the company gave him a few days off to see his parents. He couldn't wait to get back. . Zhou Chong especially emphasized that he was glad that he had been working in Wuhan for four years and was doing high-altitude welding, and he had the guts to climb high and save lives (reported on 15th edition on June 12th in this newspaper).
At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Zhou Chong took the G1128 time to Wuhan station. Only his father Zhou Yuming and his mother Song Xiuying came to greet him, plus two other good friends of his childhood. The relatives and friends who greeted Zhou Chong held the sign "Welcome the heroes return home!" and offered flowers to him.
The reporter learned that after Zhou Chong’s adventure to save children spread across the country, Guangzhou City and Tianhe District successively reciprocated and rewarded him 90,000 yuan in cash. The Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League had awarded him the May Fourth Youth Medal. He also received the CCP Central Committee. Politburo member Liu Yunshan's interview. His hometown Xiaochang County Government also called on the people of the county to learn from him.
Not only that, more than a dozen large enterprises in Guangzhou City warmly invited him to work. Many of these companies are domestic listed companies. They have excellent working conditions and good benefits, but Zhou Chong finally selected the Guangzhou Port Group.
He said that I believe that with the honor given by the superiors and the love that the community has for me, it will be welcome to work anywhere. But I'm still young. The trade I'm going to do is to repair, weld, find a suitable job, play my role, and I won't regret it in the future.
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