Can porcelain teeth pass through the security door?

Many friends have asked whether the porcelain teeth can pass the security door. The Louise security door manufacturers here are unified for everyone to answer, I hope to be helpful to everyone:
First of all, we must understand the working principle of the security door. The security door is also called the metal detection security door. It is more intuitive and simple. It is the principle of metal detection by weak magnetic field. It mainly checks all kinds of metal objects. The metal detection security door is mainly used in the airport. Public places such as stations, schools, factories, large conferences, etc. are used to inspect the hidden metal objects on the human body, such as guns, control knives, etc. A few high-end security doors on the market can be used when the inspected person passes through the security door, and the metal carried on the person's body exceeds the parameter value preset according to the weight, quantity or shape. The security door immediately alarms and displays an alarm. The location of the metal, allowing the security personnel to find the metal objects that the person carried with him in time. Most factory-specific security doors use high inspection accuracy, such as various electronics factories, Foxconn electronics factories, cable factories, electrical factories, precious metal processing plants, etc. The factory security doors mainly identify whether to carry metal objects, locate and alarm, to prevent The product was taken out of the factory in violation of regulations. The good performance security door produced by Louise Health Inspection can detect paper clip size metal objects .
Can porcelain teeth pass through the security door?
Through the above explanations, we have basically understood, as long as the metal goods security door can basically be checked.
Porcelain teeth over security
It is understood that many porcelain teeth are made of precious metals, so as long as the metal material of the porcelain teeth security door can be checked and alarmed, but when the security check can be explained with the security personnel, generally can Allowed to pass. If you have to go through the security door often, it is too much trouble to explain each time. It is recommended to make all-ceramic teeth, as long as they do not contain metal objects and pass the security door, there will be no engine alarm. The specific materials of the teeth are non-metallic materials can be consulted by the dentist more accurately.

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