3.15 Occurrence of Automobile Complaints Small Peak JV Brand

A survey report shows that from the end of February each year, the daily complaint volume shows a clear upward trend and a small peak appears on the eve of 3.15.

Recently, Che Renren released a special report on the complaints analysis of China's auto product quality and service quality in 2011 on the basis of summarizing the user complaints in 2010 and the latest data in January-February 2011.

In the quality issue of complaints, the ratio of body attachments and electrical problems has the highest feedback rate, which is 24.78%. The most reflected are the large noise inside the cabin and poor sealing of the body, rust in the body, lacquer lacquer, poor sealing, and poor interior quality. On the instrument issue, the independent brand has more feedback than the joint venture brand; followed by the engine problem, accounting for 20.34%, of which the abnormal noise accounted for more than 30%.

Complaints about quality issues mainly focus on models with a price of 200,000 yuan or less; according to the model level analysis, compact cars are an absolute focus and hot spot; and according to the analysis of vendor attributes, the quality complaints of joint venture brands should be higher overall than that of self-owned brands. Shows, first of all, the user's brand expectation value for the joint venture brand is higher. Once a quality problem occurs, the complainant or disappointment value is relatively high, and it is easy to form a complaint. Secondly, in the same-level models, the price of joint-venture brand products is often higher than that of self-owned brands, and consumers have higher quality requirements. Third, in the mainstream passenger car market, joint venture brands often dominate the market, and sales in some segments are relatively high. Therefore, there is a high probability of complaints about quality problems.

In addition, in the service complaints in 2010, joint venture brands also accounted for a large proportion, with the highest proportion of complaints for “service charges”, mostly due to disputes over who should bear and bear the costs of repairs or replacements. The main complaints from independent brands are “service attitudes”, especially the disputes caused by the replacement of accessories.

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