2012 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival Double Festival Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Promotion Promotion

The Mid-Autumn National Day's dual-barreled bizarre sound, the electric car industry promotion boom is overwhelming. The following table shows the sales time of electric vehicle companies, as well as the locations of promotional sites and promotional vehicles.

Note: The main stores have different levels of price reduction according to their own advantages. Details of the local stores

Electric car brand promotion regional promotion way Emma electric car national Emma electric chain store national terminal store promotion Yadi electric car national Yadi electric vehicle chain store national terminal store promotion New Day electric car national new day electric car Chain store national terminal store promotion Luyuan Electric Vehicle National Luyuan electric chain stores 1. Double car purchase (on the basis of single car gifts plus any gift) 2. Double Luyuan ---- (There are two Luyuan car at home , old customers can return to the store to receive a gift; the family has a car, then buy a green source, buy a new car to send double gift) 3. buy an electric car   (Send 1 "personal insurance" + 1 winter quilt) 4. Buy a boutique car to send double gift (send 1 induction cooker) 5. Activity day a car "1" yuan snapped up

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