Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode corrosion resistance

Electromagnetic flowmeters are primarily used to measure the volumetric flow in electrically conductive liquids and slurries in closed conduits. Including acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. The electromagnetic flowmeter and the media in contact with the site, in addition to the lining,

Rolls-Royce receives $15 million in OSV equipment orders

On December 10th, Global Power Systems Rolls-Royce received a $15 million project management and integrated propulsion and control system contract from Jackson Offshore Operators for two advanced marine support vessels (OSVs). It is reported that the two GPA 675J PSVs designed by Guido Perla will

Inclination sensor application

1. What is an inclination sensor? The tilt sensor can be used to measure the amount of change in tilt relative to the horizontal plane. The theoretical basis is Newton's second law. According to basic physical principles, in a system, the speed cannot be measured, but the acceleratio

Listing kitchen ready-to-use printer ChefJet

At present, the printer is available in two versions: ChefJet 3D, a top-of-the-line printer, which is suitable for making top cake decorations, priced at approximately $5,000; and the large-format color printer, ChefJet Pro 3D, priced at approximately $10,000. The company’s spokesp