What signals can the wireless bridge transmit?

Everyone knows that a wireless bridge is a device used to transmit signals, and is composed of a transmitting device and a receiving end. But the signal is a general term. It can contain many types of signals. Which signals can the wireless bridge transmit in the application? Let's take a look

Video conferencing system development trend

Trend 1: Fusion of software and hardware video conferencing In order to meet the needs of enterprise users who can access the conference anytime and anywhere, and take into account the high-definition and virtual reality venues, software video conferencing and hardware video conferencing (remote

Radar level gauge common faults and solutions

1. There is an error in the measured value. The fault shows that the actual liquid level and the measured value change in the same trend, but the values ​​are not equal. This is a common, simpler and easier to eliminate fault. The traditional rope measurement method is used to measur