Integrated orifice flowmeter considerations

The integrated orifice flowmeter consists of three parts: sensing, transmission and operation display. It is mainly used for industrial metering of saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, mixed non-flammable and explosive gas and hot water. It can be used for flow measurement, display,

Electrostatic precipitator to remove lead soldering smoke

In recent years, air pollution control is causing concern, this article will introduce electrostatic precipitator to remove lead-tin solder smoke Process: tin welding smoke electrostatic precipitator mainly used for electrical, electronics, home appliances and other products manufacturing and mainte

Hazard source identification of winch transport frame

Hazard source identification of winch transport frame 1. Hazard source: Open two dampers at the same time. Description of risk and its consequences: It is easy to cause short circuit of wind current, and there is no wind or breeze in local area. Pre-control measures: During the process of transpo

Belt driver hazard identification

Belt driver hazard identification 1. Hazard source: The surrounding environment has not been checked. Description of risk and its consequences: loose coal, coal wall umbrella canopies, live dangerous rock partings injured. Pre-control measures: The top support is safe and reliable within 5m of th

Metal mine ventilation technology

Whether it is dust removal ventilation, ventilation of guns and diesel exhaust, anti-mite ventilation, ventilation technology occupy an important position. 1, partition ventilation According to the characteristics of the mine, a mine is divided into several independent ventilation areas for ventil

Coal seam water injection and method

Coal injection layer is prepunched seam prior to mining in a number of drilling, water injection pressure by drilling, it penetrate into the coal, the coal within coal destruction of the original - equilibrium two-phase system of gas, the formation of coal - gas - water The three-phase system intera