2017 China Tire Satisfaction Ranking Released

Recently, the brand rating and brand consulting firm Chnbrand released the "2017 China Customer Satisfaction Index - Automobile Tire Satisfaction Ranking (C-CSI)". 2017 China Customer Satisfaction Index - Auto Tire Satisfaction Ranking Michelin (France), Bridgestone (Japan) and Go

Technical requirements for mining of open pit mines

( 1) The lowest recoverable elevation: generally not lower than the lowest ground level elevation near the mining area. If it is lower than the lowest ground level, it must be determined through technical and economic argumentation.       ( 2 ) stripping ratio: the ratio of the total stripp

Special well-drilling method

Drilling wells in unstable water-bearing topsoil or fractured rock formations and karst formations with large water content (eg greater than 30 m3/h ), special technical measures or other special measures used to reinforce surrounding rock and isolate groundwater sources to improve construction cond

Fracturing fluid supply car uses and features

Fracking fluid supply trucks are also known as fluid supply vehicles and liquid tank trucks. They are special vehicles that provide fluid sources for oil and gas field cementing. It is mainly used to provide clean water, fracturing fluid, or well-washing fl