Reliability-based gear reducer optimization design

Reliability-based gear reducer optimization design optimizes the gear reducer based on the reliability of the gear reducer. Considering the diversity of constraints and many uncertain factors in gear transmission design, In the mathematical model of the optimal design of the gear reducer with the l

Does it really matter if the car pulls high-speed carbon?

Many small partners are very interested in the issue of carbon deposition. The first thing to say is that the carbon deposition of the engine is a normal phenomenon. All vehicles will have a certain degree of carbon deposition. Is it true that the high-speed car can really clear carbon? In fact,

The palletizing robot industry is at a crossroads

With the official launch of the "Made in China 2025" program of action, the "machine-for-machine" movement continues to emerge throughout the country, and industrial robots such as palletizers have ushered in a period of great opportunities for development. At the same

Machine tool work speed control inverter is essential

Due to the wide range of machine tools, different workpieces, different processes, and different tools, the inverter has the largest scale in the lathe industry. Therefore, the main motion of the machine tool should be able to adjust the speed, and the machine tool user pays more attention to the sp

Car rental mortgage, do you want to clear it?

Recently, our court approved the arrest of Chen and Gu on the suspicion of fraud and concealment or concealment of the proceeds of crime. In the case, Chen used the illegal possession to obtain a car in the name of rent and then mortgaged it to Gu. Gou stil