Insulating asphalt pump structure and use

The high-temperature insulation asphalt pump has common materials, cast steel materials and Stainless Steel materials. All of them adopt one-piece non-discharging full-insulated jacket structure. According to the site conditions, the thermal insulation medium such as thermal oil, steam, an

Maintenance of PH meter (acidity meter)

(I) Maintenance 1. Storage of pH glass electrodes For a short period of time: Store in a buffer solution with pH=4; Long term: Store in a buffer solution with pH=7. 2, pH glass electrode cleaning Glass electrode bulb contamination may make the electrode response time longer. Can use CCl4

Electric hoist introduction

Electric hoist product description: Electric hoist is a light small lifting equipment. The gourd has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is a necessary lifting equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and Oth

The market of nitenpyram first appeared

After two years of silence, production and sales of nitenpyram that could replace alternatives such as fipronil increased in 2011, and it is expected that total annual output will increase from about 500 tons in 2010 to about 600 tons; at the same time, preparation products Registered to become ho

Tai Lema obtains excellent auto parts supplier

November 24, 2011 Tai Lema Automotive Braking System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was rated as "the Eighth National 100 Outstanding Auto Parts Supply" by China Automotive News, China Auto Parts Enterprise Information League and its independent evaluation committee. "Business" was