Know: "The trampoline"

A machine that primarily boring a prefabricated hole in a workpiece with a boring tool. In general, the boring tool rotates as the main motion, and the boring tool or workpiece moves as a feed motion. It is mainly used to process high-precision holes or complete finishing of multiple holes

Ammonium urea prices are different and go

The price of ammonium bicarbonate is greatly affected by the price of urea. In the past, it was generally the same as the price of urea, but recently there has been a different trend. Since February, the ammonium bicarbonate market has been in good shape and prices have been steadily rising; while

China's wind power equipment shuffling can not bypass

World Wind Power Network reports: Although the development of the wind power industry in China is not long, the problems exposed have caught the attention of the competent authorities. Recently, 10 ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,