Biofuels begin global "test flight"

In June of this year, a Gulfstream G450 aircraft powered by biofuels took off from New Jersey, USA. After 7 hours, it successfully completed its first transatlantic trial. The aircraft used a blend of fuel containing Indigo biofuel. Beginning next month, Royal Dutch Airlines will formally use bio

Green Ecological Machine Knowledge

What is a green ecological machine tool? In the process of use, machine tools not only consume energy, but also produce solid, liquid, and gaseous waste, causing direct or indirect contamination of the work environment and the natural environment. From the perspective of the entire machin

Port ship 200T door crane successfully hoisted

On August 12th, the 200T/90m gantry crane of Taizhou Port Ship Co., Ltd. was successfully hoisted. This is the largest gantry crane equipped with the old factory area of ​​the company. It is reported that the gantry crane was designed, manufactured and installed by Wuxi Dali Machiner

Zhenjiang Kangshibo has plenty of orders

[China Ship Network ( CnshipNet China)] At present, Zhenjiang Kangshibo Ship Electric Co., Ltd. has ample hand-held orders and heavy production tasks. In the first seven months of this year, the company's product sales reached 65 million yuan, more than doubled compared with the same period of

Domestic motor technology ranks first in the world

The International Electromechanical and Systems Academic Conference was held in Beijing some days ago. Nearly half of the participants came from foreign countries. Many internationally advanced research institutions sent delegations to participate. “This shows that the international